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(see GoFundMe Page or email L2OParents@gmail.com)

Who are We?

We are L2O, from Bath, UK, an independent team competing in the FIRST® LEGO® League. In our team, we have Alister, Fraser, Benjamin, Joshua, Luther, and Monty. We are 13 - 15 years old and go to Ralph Allen School in Bath. We attended the Bristol Regional tournament in January, then we went through to the UK and Ireland Finals. ( Click here to see our robot run at the competition)

Our Awards


Why we need sponsors

At the UK and Ireland Finals, we qualified to go to the next round, representing our country at the International Finals in Hungary. However, the registration fee alone costs £2,000 and we need to pay for our own travel and accommodation, so we are looking for sponsorship.

How can you sponsor us?

To sponsor us, you can get in touch by clicking here, or emailing L2OParents@gmail.com. Alternativley, if you would like you can sponsor us on our GoFundMe page.

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